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Don Warren Buffett Sees Brighter Times Ahead for the Housing Industry,
Don Julian is Seeing Them Now

It takes a rare strength of character to deal with a business cycle that works the way home building and real estate does, particularly in the past few years. And while many builders have thrown in the towel, Don Julian of Don Julian Builders, is busy building and selling new homes, while using the towel to shade his eyes from the bright glare of activity-and to wipe his brow.

In a recent interview, Buffet said he believes the housing industry remains a year away from returning to good health on a national level. He feels it will take that long to clear the overhang of supply that still exists nationally, despite the Federal Reserve's efforts to drive down long-term mortgage rates. Buffett said it will probably be another year before the inventory of homes is soaked up.

Sorry Warren-Not the case here.

In fact, according to the Kansas City Regional Association of Realtors, Heartland Multiple Listing Service, the inventory numbers in Kansas City have fallen from 4,435 in February of 2008 to 1,811 in February of this year. Additionally, housing starts in the Kansas City area are up sharply in the first quarter of the year compared with the same time in 2009. Although the actual number of new permits appears modest, considering that 2009 was the worst year for new home construction in our area in decades, the uptick is a promising sign.

George Schluter, the former interim general manager for the Home Builders Association of Greater Kansas City, recognizes the market is not about to top 11,000 permits annually any time soon, but he does expect as many as 2,800 new single-family home permits to be issued in the area this year-a 30 percent increase. And if the economy continues to improve, he expects permit numbers to return within the next few years to the 6,000 to 7,000 range.

"There has been an increase in buyer activity," explains Don Julian. "This increase is setting the stage for a renewed surge, an influx of serious buyers looking to take advantage of lower interest rates and stabilizing home values. Market trends realized in 2009 have begun to shift in the 1st quarter of 2010. This shift provides an unmatched opportunity for previously hesitant buyers. And there are many more anxious to buy than most would believe."

A look at the major indicators: house permits, starts and sales (new and existing), reveals a story that features consistency, stability and improvement. Homebuilders should be very optimistic and many are, they're buying land, getting permits and starting new construction.

Dan Whitney, of Landmarketing LLC, stated in the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce's 2010 Economic Forecast... "Every economic correction has a cleansing affect with many positive changes, ultimately making the system, industry or society stronger and poised for growth. This housing cycle is no different as it will produce many positive changes..."

When credibility and trust retain their level of importance in the home building/buying process, reputable, established homebuilders, such as Don Julian Builders, thrive. And as testament to this, Julian has realized over $10 million in sales during the past few months.

"When they're going good, we think the good times will never end. And when times are really bad, we think they're never, ever, going to be good again-but they are," Julian says. "And we are excited about the possibilities ahead of us!" Don Julian's talents and foresight are evident throughout every community he designs and every home he builds. His attention to detail and dedication to each customer has given the K.C. area some of its most beautifully crafted, thoughtfully designed and structurally sound custom homes.

For more details and information about Don Julian Builders, visit the office at 15521 W. 110th Street in Lenexa or call 913-894-6300. You can also learn more about Don Julian Builders by visiting

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